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An elected Mayor and five City Council members govern Kendallville. The City Clerk-Treasurer assists them in carrying out the responsibilities of governing the people. The Mayor and other city departments are located at City Hall at 234 S. Main St.

You can reach the Mayor at or at 260-347-2452.

You can reach the City Clerk at or at 260-347-2452.




Regan Ford – Councilman-at-Large
516 North Main Street
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Tel: (260) 347-4594

James C. Dazey II – 1st District
408 North State Street
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Tel: (260) 347-2636

Steven Clouse – 2nd District
103 Ironwood Drive
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Tel: (260) 349-1989

Amy Ballard - 3rd District
627 E Mitchell Street
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Tel: (260) 343-1342

Larry Davis – 4th District
218 Pine Street
Kendallville, Indiana 46755
Tel: (260) 318-1478



Kendallville area residents live in 1 of 4 townships, with the greatest portion of our population in Wayne and Allen Townships. Those living to the north of Drake Road (CR 600 N) are in Wayne Township, while residents south of Drake Road are in Allen Township. Orange Township lies northwest of town while Jefferson Township lies southwest. County Road 600 East is the boundary.

Allen Township
Thaddeus Bay

Jefferson Township
Marc Fisher

Orange Township
George Wolfe

Wayne Township
Chris McCoy

The police department is an active participant within the community and offers many programs of interest to our citizens. They include drug awareness seminars, personal safety classes for women, robbery prevention techniques for businesses and, most recently, dealing with bio-hazardous issues. Our police department welcomes the opportunity to speak to any group at any time, and is a vital part of the health of our community.

A dedicated team of full-time and numerous reserve and volunteer firefighters comprise the Kendallville Fire Department. These men and women operate from two stations and are sworn to protect the citizens and businesses of Kendallville. Two deputy fire chiefs operate under the direction of the Fire Chief. The department is equipped with two pumper trucks, a rescue unit, two grass trucks, a 4,500 gallon tanker, 75' and 102' aerial trucks, and a mobile incident command center. The city has a fire insurance rating of 5. Highly trained and dedicated paramedics and emergency medical technicians provide emergency medical services.

The Executive Director of the Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce works closely with the Mayor and other community leaders to promote the quality of life in Kendallville. This alliance helps advance economic growth and business development in Kendallville and Noble County. To learn more about our municipal government or to find out about joining the Chamber of Commerce, please fill out our contact form, call us at 260-347-1554, or email