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EDAC Members Focus Efforts

on Economic Growth

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) is a group of 11 community and business leaders with innovative visions. They’re appointed by the Kendallville City Council, the mayor of Kendallville, and by the economic development organizations they represent. Each member serves a 4-year term and lives within 5 miles of Kendallville. They meet monthly to share economic development plans for Kendallville. The Chamber’s executive director serves as the record keeper and coordinator of the committee.

The EDAC gives the City Council recommendations for a business to receive a Tax Abatement. This tax phase-in program assists new and existing local businesses with a reduction in taxes on the purchase of a building, equipment, or a building expansion. Taxes on the newly-assessed value of the business start low and are increased each year of the Tax Abatement. This is an economic development tool to assist businesses while they expand and grow their sales volume.


Jeff Platt
Max Platt Ford Lincoln, Mayor Appointed - Retail
Phone: (260) 347-3153

Scott R. Frick
CPA, Mayor Appointed
Phone: (260) 347-1940

Mayor W. Suzanne Handshoe
Liaison to NCEDC (Noble County Economic Development Corp)
Phone: (260) 347-0352

Thomas L. Hullinger, Vice President
CPA, Mayor Appointed - Financial
Phone: (260) 599-0004

Ken Olry
Materials Manager, Flint & Walling, Appointed by Chamber
Phone: (260) 347-1600

Kristen Johnson
Executive Director, Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (260) 347-1554

Dr. Alan Roush
Owner Roush & Will Optometrists, Factory Sites Member
Phone: (260) 347-3458

Ray Scott
Retired, RDC (Redevelopment Commission) Member
Phone: (260) 347-2210

Jerry Stienbarger
Retired Retail, Kendallville Local Development Corp Member
Phone: (260) 347-1507

Jim Cook, President
Retired Realtor, Appointed by Council
Phone: (260) 318-1713

Chad Ihrie
Creative Liquid Coatings, Appointed by Council - Industry
Phone: (260) 349-1862

The Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce and the EDAC focus on economic development for Kendallville everyday! EDAC members are responsible to recommend tax abatements to City Council for new or existing business investments.  For more information on the EDAC or to find out about joining, please fill out our contact form, call us at 260-347-1554, or email