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Supporting Economic Development

in Kendallville

The Kendallville Economic Development Advisory Committee was established to promote the economic viability of the area by providing a support system for our local employers while at the same time marketing the Kendallville area to potential new businesses.

The EDAC works to guide and assist the City of Kendallville in the retention of existing industrial, commercial, residential development and retail companies. The committee also encourages economic growth and development in all industrial, residential, retail and commercial areas of the city.

  • To work with the City of Kendallville in supporting and sustaining existing industrial, commercial, and retail businesses organizations
  • To encourage continued economic growth and development of Kendallville
  • To coordinate efforts with the Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce to recruit new retail businesses to the Kendallville area and with available resources, monitor industrial and commercial effectiveness and sustainability.

The EDAC of Kendallville has been instrumental in helping both local and new incoming businesses attain resources to grow their operations and customer base while providing new jobs for area citizens. Working with existing local businesses, the EDAC is able to understand market conditions and needs to help grow the local economy and promote the Kendallville area in a variety of ways. This website and are a direct result of EDAC funding.

The Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce wants to see Kendallville grow in a thriving economy with qualified employees to fill open positions with local businesses. Working with the EDAC, the Chamber provides resources to grow your business in our community. For more information on resources to help your business, please fill out our contact form, call us at 260-347-1554, or email